Dozens of features, ready to be explored.

  • Payment methods

    Accept the most popular payment methods in the world and Europe such as Visa, Mastercard, Apple Pay and Google Pay.

  • Plugins

    Integrate without writing a single line of code. Explore our plugins, set it up, and get your business off the ground in less than 10 minutes.

  • 3-D Secure

    We offer 3-D Secure out of the box with our payment pop-up. 3-D Secure works both with Mastercard and Visa. By enabling 3-D Secure the card transactions are more secure.

  • Custom payment form

    Design your own checkout 100 % as you want. We have made a solution enabling you to make a custom payment form without having to deal with saving card details on your server.

  • Instant sign up

    Just sign up with your e-mail and accept payments right away. There is no waiting time. We do our checks asynchronous in the background to approve you for payouts.

  • Dynamic descriptor

    Customise the text shown on your customers bank statement on a per-transaction basis. Add for instance the order ID for reference and improved customer service.

  • Recurring / Subscriptions

    You can easily do recurring transactions through our API or using one of our plugins. There is no extra cost to do recurring transactions or save cards.

  • Customizable pop-up

    Set up your own title, and even your own form data. This feature is provided without any extra costs. We’re glad to help at any point in the process.

  • Beautiful payment popup

    With our beautiful responsive payment popup you can get started accepting payments right away. We have extensively conversion rate optimized the popup giving you a head start to the competition.

  • Bill your customers in any currency

    You can bill your customers in their local currency and improve conversions. We support almost any currency imaginable. The currency conversion is done in the background to your chosen settlement currency.

  • Card tokenisation

    We support card tokenisation for you to safely save cards for later use, e.g. recurring. Utilizing card tokenisation instead of saving the actual card details increases security and limits your PCI scope.

  • Payment links

    Generate a payment link to take payments from your customers e.g. by email and invoice. Create the link directly in the dashboard using our payment link form. As simple as it gets.

  • Virtual POS

    We have designed a beautiful virtual POS to be used anywhere. You can use it on a tablet at a fair, in your brick and mortar store or at the beach selling ice cream.

  • 13 settlement currencies

    Receive your funds in up to 13 different currencies: EUR, USD, GBP, DKK, NOK, SEK, CHF, HUF, PLN, RON, BGN, CZK and HRK. You can charge your customer in any currency supported by Visa and Mastercard.

  • Weekly payouts

    Get your funds every week. We payout weekly on Wednesdays to your designated bank account in the EU. Other payout terms can apply depending on your business.

  • Complete sandbox environment

    Free and complete sandbox environment with 1 to 1 parity. Try every case with a free test account and be confident that your integration works the moment you switch to do live transactions.

  • Multilanguage support

    The payment popup supports more than 10 European languages and we are always adding more. When asking for your customers credit card details, it is crucial they do not have to struggle with a foreign language.

  • Over-the-phone payments (MOTO)

    Do customers sometimes call you to place an order with their card? No problem, we got you covered. Send your customers a link to pay for the order or manually enter their card details into your Paylike terminal.