If you run a platform and want to offer payment services under your brand, you can use Paylike Platforms and utilize our powerful API's.

You can white-label everything from account setup and management to payment forms and transaction management. Most platforms choose to white-label only part of the product and utilize Paylike's robust tools and interfaces for account setup and transaction management.

See our integration guide for platforms and see a brief overview of our white-label possibilities below.

Account setup

Accounts can easily be initiated via our API or manually via our dashboard with just basic information about the business.

To finalize an account, we need further information about the business, it’s leadership and beneficial owners, which can either be sent via our API or via our dashboard, either by the platform or by inviting the business to the Paylike account to access the Paylike dashboard and finalize their account setup.

Read more about account approvals here.

Accepting transactions

Transactions can be created in a few different ways. We recommend the first two solutions as these minimize your exposure to sensitive card data and reduce your PCI DSS compliance requirements:

We recommend starting out with our payment popup as it has been thoroughly tested and conversion optimized. If you want the payment form to be fully white-labelled, you should go with our embedded form if you are not PCI certified and if you have a PCI certification, you can choose between the embedded form and our direct gateway integration.

Managing transactions

Via our API you can fully manage the transactions on behalf of the business:

You can also choose, as we offer with the account setup, to invite the business to the Paylike dashboard where they can manage their transactions.

See our API-docs for a full overview.