Mutebox is a Danish design company producing office phone booths and meeting pods for the modern workplace. With a pod from Mutebox you can enjoy noise free and private meetings in a well ventilated and equipped room which has been produced with an extraordinary sense of detail and with a low environmental impact.

Integration has integrated with Paylike using Upodi's subscription management platform.

“Automated billing saving time for both us and our customers”

At MuteBox we sell and rent telephone and meeting boxes to large and small companies. Our customers love our product and we love our customers, but we hate handling invoices and charges manually every single month. Our existing system was not built to handle subscription payments, which is why it ended up stealing too much of our time. At the same time, the system could not handle automatic charging via. payment cards which meant our customers were also bothered by manual charges month after month. Something had to happen! That is why we made a collaboration with Upodi and Paylike. Our skilled consultant at Upodi made an effort to understand our unique needs so that a solution could be made for the benefit of us and our customers. We were initially nervous about whether it would be complicated to do the setup at Paylike, but we did not even need to contact them to setup our account! Today, our subscription charges run completely automatically month after month! Super good!

—   Thomas Keller , Co-Founder of Mutebox