3-D Secure

3-D Secure is a protocol used to increase the security of online card transactions by both Visa and Mastercard under the names “Visa Secure” and “Mastercard ID Check”.

Most online buyers are accustomed to 3-D Secure and for most merchants the cost of the extra friction with the verification step in the checkout is well spent for the gained security against fraud and liability shift that 3-D Secure provides.

Example of 3-D Secure implementation

In the above video you see a live transaction being authenticated with Visa Secure by a Danish user on a Danish eCommerce website. Note that it is the issuing bank that decides how the implementation of 3-D Secure is made, Paylike just show the implementation made by the issuing bank in an iframe. In this case the bank utilizes a text message with a secret code to do a two factor authentication.


What is the transaction fee for 3-D Secure?

There is no additional fee on transactions utilizing 3-D Secure. When you create a new Paylike account 3-D Secure is automatically enabled. If you wish to disable it for some reason, please contact us.

How do I implement 3-D Secure with Paylike?

If you are utilizing our pop-up in your checkout, 3-D Secure is already implemented out of the box. See the video above as an example of how it looks.

If you have a custom setup you need to integrate 3-D Secure in your checkout yourself. Read our documentation here (https://github.com/paylike/sdk/blob/master/3dsecure/index.md)

Is 3-D Secure compliant with Strong Customer Authentication (SCA)?

Yes, 3-D Secure is compliant with SCA. Read about SCA and 3-D Secure here.

How does the liability shift work with 3-D Secure?

For most merchants the card issuer will be liable in case of fraud when the transaction has been verified with 3-D Secure.

There are exceptions to this rule for so called “3-D Secure attempts”, cross-border transactions, cryptocurrencies, prepaid cards and so on. If you want to understand how you are covered with your particular business, please contact us.