At Paylike, we believe you should own your data and never have your business data held hostage. Therefore, when you want to switch to or move from Paylike, we will help you transfer your payment data.

Migrating to or from Paylike is free of charge.

Migrating to Paylike

If you wish to migrate to Paylike, the first step is to reach out and get your account approved.

From here, we will help you put us into contact with your current provider and sign the required data transfer agreements and ensure the data is moved securely.

Migrating from Paylike

If you haven't talked with us about the reasons for moving away from Paylike, please reach out, and we would love to hear why and have the opportunity to keep your business.

Migrating from Paylike is, as it should be, free of charge. We can transfer all your transaction data (cardholder data, custom data etc.) to you and your new provider in the industry-standard formats (e.g. CSV, JSON, etc.).

Get in touch to initiate your migration.