Custom pricing


If you are processing more than EUR 30,000 / month, you might qualify for custom volume pricing.

We analyse your business and look at your history to give you a tailored price that fits your business. Do you have a lot of currency conversion, doing recurring business or is all of your sales in your domestic currency? We got you covered.

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Restricted business or high-risk

You probably ended up here because you've had poor experiences with other payment providers. We're here to end this with a focus on understanding your business. No matter which business segment you are in (e.g. tobacco, travel, cryptocurrencies, adult, gambling) we take pride in meeting you and your segment with no political bias.

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Please note: As a restricted or high-risk business, you are not allowed to start using Paylike before we have pre-approved your account. Read about pre-approval for restricted and high-risk businesses here.