News: Paylike joins forces with Lunar


Repbasics has a mission to produce high-quality, functional training clothing that also supports a more sustainable and environmentally friendly textile industry in the future.


Repbasics is using the Paylike WooCommerce plugin which works out of the box with no technical know-how required.

“After one phone call to support I was almost ready to go”

We started collaborating with Paylike in the early stage of our business. We had tried another provider before trying Paylike, however, they were much more expensive than Paylike. Our main focus was to find a provider with no fixed costs, since we had almost no sales from our webshops in the early stage.

Regarding setting up our account and getting started, we had almost no knowledge about the technical part. After one phone call to the support, we were almost ready to go. Since the first day of using Paylike, we have never experienced a breakdown or any sort of issues on the webshop - even with large fluctuations in sales and traffic.

—   Mikkel , CEO of Repbasics