News: Paylike joins forces with Lunar


Spinaker's mission is to provide high quality maritime education: courses, trainings, handbooks and e-learning.


Spinaker is using the Paylike WooCommerce plugin which works out of the box with no technical know-how required.

“Paylike continuously improves its functionality”

We started with bank transfer as the only payment method. When we added PayPal as an alternative payment method we realized that we were losing some of our customers not giving them the possibility for their instant online payment. After that we were looking for a credit card payment provider with no monthly fee, free payouts and low transaction fees. With Paylike, the setup was smooth, thanks to the responsive customer service (I never waited for their response more than a few hours) and WooCommerce plugin.

I am not even thinking to switch to any other payment provider as Paylike continuously improves its functionality based on their customers requests and stays competitive also in terms of its service charges.

—   Tomaž , CEO of Spinaker